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oh yea is my bday..

im 18.

ahh. so happy. im surrounded by the people i love to make this day fantastic.

college.boyfriend. so little time.

damn its been awhile. so i started at baruch this week and i really love it. the classes are amazing and completely entertaining. i feel like i find something that interest me. history. only problem is that im going to a business school.

we will see what happens.

ben. talk about it random. so he was an ass for a while after that break up. and time passed by. lots of it. but a few weeks we hung out and talked everything out. and well yesterday he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. it was so cute we went to his school to sort out some paperwork and he kept introducing me "hi (insert name). this is my girlfriend, kimberly." he is going to nyu polytech although he doesnt like to admit it he is uber smart.

only trouble is NOBODY approves if this relationship. which is apparent when my mother doesnt stop herself from saying everytime his name is mention. and lili the rolling of the eyes is enough said. the two girls i actually trust here, gaby and marisol, who by the way are his friends too, say to dump him.

its hard. you know the feeling of the pit of your stomach that always tells you to not risk anything agrees with the people i whos opinion i trust the most. and its taking a lot to not listen to anyone.

however, this brings me to my last and very important issue. i have barely enough time to do anything let alone breathe. weekends are all thats left which have to be split now between homework, boyfriend, family, and friends. i dont know how to do it.

kenyerlins bday is next week and i am really excited.

aniiii i miss you and cant wait to see you

sheyy when are you coming?

prom...begining of the end

so prom was AWESOME...minus watching certain ppl ignoring me...whateves here are some highlights

more on photobucket....
god shes adorable. but poor girl cant crawl forward.

and as much drama as there is its great to wake up to this.

prom part deux

holllla... someone has found their prom dress via nj and papi.. which i must say THANK YOU sooooo much. it was like the best thing ever now all i ahve to worry about is makeup, hair and limo. but that is not that bad..

so this is the dress

and this is the hair i want

so i just have to find who and how the hair will happen


well the happiness/peacefulness has not worn off. yay :)

and so long as i find a way to get the money im so going to prom. dateless but with a group of friends so all is well. im actually very excited im dieing to get nicely dressed and get my hair did. damn the mosquitos are killing me.

ughh...why cant everything be free?

welcome back

so first off wow...sorry ive abandoned you lj. this thing is like a time capsule of freshmen year which i like it adds symmetry seeing as how im about to graduate.

well im single again. yay. in all honesty though im not to sad about it, i saw it coming its just sad that he let it drag on like this. but whateves yo. hopefully this happiness/peacefulness stays until tomorrow. anywho it was fun while it lasted....

so im watching knocked up and i have so many memories attached to it..let me count the memories
1.i seriously waited forever to watch it
2.it was released june 2, and i know this bc of how bad i wanted to see it.
3.it was one of the last movies i saw in miami. hostel being the last.
4.it was the last time i saw marvin while we were going out.

by the fucking way, good job i did picking my ex bf. well bc of the name. ben. seriously one of the most common names in the tv, books,hollywood. so im gonna have a way easy job forgetting this one.

im still not to used to living in ny. but hey i will eventually right? the weather is finally changing thank god. maybe ill get my tan back.lol. graduation is near, june 26 to be exact. so i have a laundry list of things to do. final projects (music, speech, gov) and the classes i dont have finals i have regents (ny's version of the FCAT). which by the way suck ass.

anywho im semi sleep deprived so im off to bed.

ps...danity kane concert next wednesday. dont hate

pps...i heart her

dude this livejournal is so different then when i first started on lj. its my birthday in like 6 days!!!i am happy finally 16. now every body is going to be 17

well i quit coldstone but that old news i am a junior and currently one of four school anchors. yay!!

going to new jersey this christmas which hello is AWESOME

well HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to linet who well be two years older then me for a day

thats all for today

ill be back to report my gifts on friday
so update: i got anchor on wtks news!!!!!yeah and i got the coldstone and have been working there for a week.and i have a semi new crush thats the updates....see ya i have gots leave this hellhole they call my moms job....
ick you know myspace is getting pretty boring i mean once you check your mail and new comments there is like nothing else to do...so yeah really bored..oh I GOT CABLE!!!its almost been a year since i had cable that is way to long.



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